Sunday, 7 November 2010

November Sparks Week One

There has been some gorgeous items listed so far in November.... it was tough picking a few and I tried to vary it with the shops chosen. The following four caught my eye in different ways.... Gothic vampirism, the wiccan faith and orchids... all of aspects of myself.
Please click on the images to visit their shops.

So far I have managed to keep up with the daily listing.... I wonder how long it will last? One of my Sparks listings have sold the very same day! The owl necklace. All other items are still there if you like the look.... Below is a mishmash of my items.. as always click on the images to visit my shop.

Brief today.... but hopefully you like my choices. My task for today is craft, craft and craft and you never know........ You may see something new that you like.
Keep checking here and Facebook- for updates.

Saturday, 6 November 2010

My Treasure Trove of Goodies

When Dawn of Chloedancer99 offered a goody bag for her 100th item.... I was very very tempted. But I thought by the time I got home work it would be too late........
But nope got home logged on and ordered six items! And so was the 100th sale........ When I was told a box I thought an ickle one and few pieces.
Imagine my surprise when I came home on Thursday.... late as I had work, college and then over with my fiance for a bit... First my mother said to me was be in for your own post! The postie had kindly came at ten past eight in the morning! Usually it's mid afternoon!
A massive box full of lovely goodies it took ages to unwrap and ogle them all......... See below for what I had.... and also Dawn was kind enough to give me a voucher as well!

I'm still in shock at the amount of lovely items received. Can you spot the goodies or items I bought specifically?
Please click here (or any of the photos) to go visit her lovely shop-

Thanks again Dawn!

Sunday, 31 October 2010


Since I have been up two hours already with no productiveness time to update the blog!

Where has this month gone? Between being ill, work, overtime and college barely had any time to rest and not much time to be around promoting my little shop. Last week was my sixth month anniversary on folksy and items were dropping off quickly..... :(

Still it's not too bad, my custom bat earrings which were in the shop since May and one of my more recent updates- the cute ceramic owl earrings were sold! Paypal is slightly healthier since I've not bought anything in ages..... but I am tempted....

Today for example I have seen Dawn's latest creation... (Please click on the picture to go to her shop).

Friday night I was at Truro... enjoying a lovely ravioli from ASK before dropping in to see the lovely Seth Lakeman at the Hall for Cornwall. Was not disappointed a brilliant show again! This is the 4th time I have seen him in two years! There was no support act and they started on time always a bonus and almost two hours of songs (with a ten minute break for honeycomb clotted cream icecream).

Now what's in store? I'm slowly creating a wholesale list- I may be stocking some wares in penzance....... Have a few things made up already for the November listing club and I'm trying not to be too broody! Being around my nephew tends to have that effect and boy isn't it exhausting trying to keep an eye on a toddler even for half an hour! He liked to sit in the stairs playing with his toys and using the snail to run over a load of crayons....

Now if you like ginger kitties.... or some chunky pearl earrings then watch this space....

Happy Halloween everyone!

Sunday, 26 September 2010

Update- Myself, September Stars and yadda yadda

Well I've only just noticed that it's been over a month since I've posted here!

What have I been doing you say? Well mostly work! This week alone lots of overtime including working for six hours on a saturday! (First time in over 3.5 years!).

September is a manic time for any educational establishment but if you work in an understaffed Payroll department for a large multi site organisation.... well manic is putting it lightly!

I did have a semi decent Performance Management Review where from October 1st I have defined responsibilities and a miniscule increase to go with it.

Tomorrow also marks the first week where I...... drum roll..... become a part timer... (if you can call 34 hours a week part time when a full week is 37! Monday to Thursday).

Fridays will be my "College" day where I am undertaking 40 credits towards my degree Wildlife Education and Wildlife and Media. Not only will I be learning to edit and standing in the pouring rain filming I will be learning teaching theory, observations and how to do schemes of work which ultimately leads to something scary.............

Spending 90 minutes with National Diploma students (16-18 year olds) teaching them something! Oh dear... what have I let myself in for??? Interesting times ahead.

I keep failing with my list an item each day but hopefully October will be a fresh start. Some random goodies I've listed this month :) Please click on the picture to take you to the item.... better be careful with the cats...... soon they will be turned into presents so get in there quick :O

What else have I been working on?? Well the below are just a sneaky peek of what's to come........ sometime this week they will be on the Folksy Shop but if you can't wait that long please let me know! Either through folksy or FB or email

I'm not the only one who has been busy! Dawn of Lily's Night Garden does some beautiful cards, diarys and notebooks......

Please check her out :)

Hope everyone isn't as cold as I am! Hot chocolate tonight and maybe the Bagpuss Hot Water Bottle....



Sunday, 22 August 2010

Fantasy Swap

The lovely Gem of DamselflyGemma organised a scrumptious fantasy swap with the stipulation that you create as a minimum one fantasy item and add in lots of crafty goodies.... We had lots of time to prepare and send it out.

Well... this month has been crazy for me.. three weeks of doing overtime at work only to come home and fall asleep! I had a message last week to tell me that my fantasy parcel will be with me shortly and I had forgotten about it until the middle of the week when I went to catch up on my post.................

And what post it was... lots of scrummy items. And I especially love the personal touch.

And who is it who created and sent these wondrous items I hear you cry?? Well Louise from Nanuk Jewellery of course. The photos doesn't do her fine silver dragon leaf charm or wolf any justice so go and visit her shop...
There is bound to be something there that you will like... Now hopefully mine will be liked even half as much as I love my gifts! Can't wait to start crafting something with these items

Meet George...

George is the result of trying to be too ambitious............ and ending up looking like a three year old's best work!
He started off being a white blob dreaming of unicornhood only to turn into a rather lovely blend of white-green-black. As with most things he was overdone and turned into a rather rough textured blob who refuses to move from the amethyst tree..........
Forever watching ready to bite.........

I have been reading in the paper for the past couple of weeks about the plight of seals- The Mail yesterday ran almost two pages speculating about the Corkscrew killings. I am thankful it hasn't reached Cornwall yet as you don't get to see these beauties enough!

Can you spot any???

From Godrevy last sunday- now I have an 18x optical zoom camera and it still wasn't close enough! Need a telescope to see them when out by the lighthouse rocks. Was fighting over the camera as fiance wanted to take photos of the possible research vessel that was in the cove! Phft men!


Sunday, 8 August 2010

Day 8: A-Teamers

Hi All,

This blog has been really neglected by me lately... oh dear! Well today has been a fabtastic day! Four listings three of which sold and not very long after listing..... My button earrings went yesterday! Which was a lovely surprise after I checked out the church which could possibly be the one for my wedding.
But now on to my listings for today....

Now only the Princess Earrings are left so get in quick! If you like my gemstones and want some of your very own..... it may not be the exact but I can see what can do.... currently have some Rhodonite chips and Tiger Eye Heart beads......

Now on to some other lovely listings today from the rest of the A- Teamers.... Please click on the photos to go to their shops. :)

Offerings from:
Hope everyone has a lovely time back at work tomorrow!

Tuesday, 20 July 2010


The past week has been a complete whirlwind for me (neglecting blog,crafting etc...) but look what came into the Jewellers today which we went and picked up that happened to magically appear on my left hand......

My engagement ring! I haven't been able to stop staring at it and watching the diamond sparkle in the light (is this normal???). One of my worries is that the band is too thin (0.1 cm) and that it will break easily but if I waited and had a hugely expensive ring a) I would be waiting another few years and b) I would be too terrified to wear it!

Anyhoos lots of happy dancing and planning mental lists for next November........ Now onto the Jesters... sadly I've not caught up yet but some brilliant sparkly ones for today.....

Please click the photo to go to the shops....




Until next time........

Hannah. xxx

Sunday, 4 July 2010

July Jesters- Days 1-3

Finally getting around to Jestering...... My third item is a pretty pair of lucite flower earrings and I'm hoping to add a matching bracelet or necklace later today as soon as I get some accounts proposal for a client finished.

Looking back over the days these have definitely been my favourites.....

*Click the image to go to their shops*

Hope everyone enjoys the sun!

Saturday, 3 July 2010

All dressed out!

Payday only a few days ago and what do I do?? Look for ways to spend it! Two dressy occasions this month and panic attack as I only own one black skirt............ Since both events are completely different one outfit could suit both. Problem couldn't be too formal as it will drive me mad! But I needed to look the part at both. One is the "Star Awards" an awards ceremony for the College I work for and the other a close friend's wedding- thankfully the friend is male so no bridesmaid duties!

After braving the torrent of rain of Thursday afternoon in Hayle to discover the only dresses left were for stick insects I dragged my friend out to shop before 9am on a Saturday morning! TK Maxx, New Look, Monsoon... everywhere possible where I was thrust into dozens of dresses hmm and ahh and eventually came away with two. One a gorgeous leftover in TK perfect for summer and the other from New Look of all places! A lovely black with some gold stud detail.

Late lunch, a stroll in the bead shop then home where more beads has arrived via postie. Having slacked off most of the week due to other duties............ I made this!

My initial thought was that it would go well for next Thursday's Awards ceremony but it is not set in stone my outfit or the shoes.. shawl etc I will wear. You can find it here in my Folksy shop which hopefully will be filling up with more goodies now..... Only one more day to catch up with being a Jester.

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Fourth will be the charm...

Not many would have heard of him... but the lovely Seth Lakeman will be performing in Cornwall again this year! 29th October at the Hall for Cornwall and tomorrow.... I WILL HAVE TICKETS!!! It will only be the fourth time I would have seen him in two years.... not obsessive..... (I even have the dvd perfomance of the Minack Theatre show I went to....).

Anyways on to crafty bits. Bit tired due to work commitments the past week but I have had a commision piece or two...... for my future mother-in-law. She requested couple pieces for a present.

The earrings can be found on my site- very striking beads! Couldn't resist making up a pair for her. Mixture of pearls and acrylics with a chunky toggle clasp for the bracelet. I used something similar in pink for a necklace last week.

I love doing custom requests!

Okay... tomorrow will be the last of the June Loons and sadly I wouldn't have completed the challenge in its entirety (30 items!) but good luck for the rest of them may the fairy flutter by.....

Until next time.........

Friday, 25 June 2010

My First Post....

Yay to those who made it this far....... Having read and been featured on many of the Folksters' blogs I have been inspired to start my own. No matter how crazy and wacky it may read at times......

First off a shout to some of the Folksy Finds I have been complimented on this week.

Frankie's wonderful necklace that went with my staff ID badge so it goes with everything!

Natalie's amazing handknitted bag that goes everwhere with me. So soft and fits all my everyday essentials.

One of my favourite people is Dropscone who does the most delightful things! Unique and quirky and something really perfect for someone close to me!

Anyway........ my most recent listing is a beautiful pearl and acrylic necklace with a stunning leaf focal bead. Snap it up people before it goes! Perfect for summer and drapes just right...... you know you want to....
Final thing.... Three new babies around this week! Eiran, Summer and Joshua. It makes me all gooey and wanting one!
Now enjoy reading, browsing and maybe clicking checkout..............??? Feel free to leave a comment or email me.
Hannah. xxx