Sunday, 27 March 2011

You know it's bad....

..... when the cat laughs at you! Yes really.......

Meet Chloe "I'm Always Hungry" the bane of my life and quite possibly one of the most annoying cats ever... but I still love her! She is getting quite old now and very slowly her whiskers are turning white... one by one... It's very strange- I've never known that to happen in cats before.

I can't mention Chloe and not little Phoebe monster.. the noisiest cat. Running away from her does not work she will give chase and miaw/hunt you down whereever or until you trip over one of the dog's toys and slam your head against the wall.....

I think both my cats are dangerous! You would think sitting on the bed catching up on some reading something gentle and not accident prone.... cue... the cat! There I was reading the latest J.D Robb and laughing at some of what the character Eve was saying/thinking when Chloe came up and butting me in the back then put her paw out and pushed me!

Of course... in cat land I'm a source of amusement and there she sat watching... laughing.

Today is Chloe day... does anyone else have stories about their cats?

Here are some lovely handmade goodies! As usual please click on the links to go to the shop.

Would someone like to give these ginger kitties a home?

Audrey's Art- Cat Aceo

SP Jewellery- Black Cat Charm Pendanct

Mrs Moo Designs- Super Cat. Also don't forgot to check out Elvis Cat in the shop!

Until next time.... I may even show you some goodies I'm making for my sister's birthday!

Chloe is now wheezing.. sorry snoring behind me... don't forget to check out my latest ACEOs in my Folksy shop!

No brainteaser today (hear some of you sigh in relief) but soon very soon.... *cackles*

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Who believes in.........

in fairies? Or magic in any form?

I've always been drawn to the supernatural and this is reflected in my beliefs, my choice of reading and even tv shows!

Last night for example I watched this week's episode of True Blood and this afternoon what was I doing... messing about with fantasy themed aceos and cards. Currently only the aceo is finished- isn't she cute?

PS- She is also available in my folksy shop- please click the photo to go to her :)

I wondered what else was available on folksy and look what I found.

A fairy in her very own garden by Enchanted Wood and I love... really LOVE the Red Riding print from Harriet's Imagination. (Click the photos to go to their shops).

If only I had a wall to put it on! Now that is something else which has kept me busy this weekend... researching rental properties. One word... headache!

What else have I been up to? Mmm take a peek at some of my latest earrings.... which will be popping up on folksy soon. Or... if you can't wait til then contact me! And can see what can do :)

In case you missed it the answer to my last blog post brain teaser was....... two as you took two apples away!

Now this one has even me stumped for the moment and I can't move forward on my game until I've solved it! The game in question is Professor Layton and the Curious Village.... the 1st in the series! Which I've collected and played in a strange way. The first one I completed was Pandora's Box (the second), I then moved out to Lost Futures (the third) and finally decided I ought to give the first one a go.

Anyway this is it.....

An ordinary analogue clock has two hands, the longer hand moves faster around the face of the clock.
Assuming that the clock keeps perfect time how many times will the long and short hands pass over each other between 12 noon and 12 midnight?

I'm not looking up the answer as that defeats the purpose of the game! But if anyone gets it before me... (edit: and can explain the reasoning) I will give a £1 voucher for my shop (not that that's an incentive!)

Thanks for reading.

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

And.... I'm back!

Ok.. things may have been a little quiet or rather a lot on the Squintessential front. No blog since November... no listings since December... and now a rash of listings each different from the other.. New crafts and more to come!

In my absence I haven't completely neglected Folksy really... always had one eye on what's new and see two of my favourite purchases below...

P.s- if you click the links you can see what else is in their shop.....

You may have recognised the sellers? The lovely vintage bird ceramic pot is one of Lilly's Night Garden and the rather gorgeous seal messenger bag courtest of Bags of Swank.

If you've seen my listings this week you may have seen jewellery, cards and aceos! I'm getting married later this year and am in the process of designing my invites so I bought a papercraft magazine chatted to some key people in the field and voila now I am hooked! I also like to think I'm getting better!

What else have I been up to aside from work and college.... mmmm does these give any ideas?

Now some choice listings from my shop and other March Hares...

-Mountain Hare ACEO by Shoogly Beads
-Floral Hair Accessory by Natalie Ofkants
- Rochester Castle ACEO by Maytree Lane

Hope you enjoyed reading!

Now for the teaser of the day.... If there are three apples and you take away two.. how many apples do you have?