Sunday, 8 August 2010

Day 8: A-Teamers

Hi All,

This blog has been really neglected by me lately... oh dear! Well today has been a fabtastic day! Four listings three of which sold and not very long after listing..... My button earrings went yesterday! Which was a lovely surprise after I checked out the church which could possibly be the one for my wedding.
But now on to my listings for today....

Now only the Princess Earrings are left so get in quick! If you like my gemstones and want some of your very own..... it may not be the exact but I can see what can do.... currently have some Rhodonite chips and Tiger Eye Heart beads......

Now on to some other lovely listings today from the rest of the A- Teamers.... Please click on the photos to go to their shops. :)

Offerings from:
Hope everyone has a lovely time back at work tomorrow!

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