Sunday, 22 August 2010

Fantasy Swap

The lovely Gem of DamselflyGemma organised a scrumptious fantasy swap with the stipulation that you create as a minimum one fantasy item and add in lots of crafty goodies.... We had lots of time to prepare and send it out.

Well... this month has been crazy for me.. three weeks of doing overtime at work only to come home and fall asleep! I had a message last week to tell me that my fantasy parcel will be with me shortly and I had forgotten about it until the middle of the week when I went to catch up on my post.................

And what post it was... lots of scrummy items. And I especially love the personal touch.

And who is it who created and sent these wondrous items I hear you cry?? Well Louise from Nanuk Jewellery of course. The photos doesn't do her fine silver dragon leaf charm or wolf any justice so go and visit her shop...
There is bound to be something there that you will like... Now hopefully mine will be liked even half as much as I love my gifts! Can't wait to start crafting something with these items

Meet George...

George is the result of trying to be too ambitious............ and ending up looking like a three year old's best work!
He started off being a white blob dreaming of unicornhood only to turn into a rather lovely blend of white-green-black. As with most things he was overdone and turned into a rather rough textured blob who refuses to move from the amethyst tree..........
Forever watching ready to bite.........

I have been reading in the paper for the past couple of weeks about the plight of seals- The Mail yesterday ran almost two pages speculating about the Corkscrew killings. I am thankful it hasn't reached Cornwall yet as you don't get to see these beauties enough!

Can you spot any???

From Godrevy last sunday- now I have an 18x optical zoom camera and it still wasn't close enough! Need a telescope to see them when out by the lighthouse rocks. Was fighting over the camera as fiance wanted to take photos of the possible research vessel that was in the cove! Phft men!


Sunday, 8 August 2010

Day 8: A-Teamers

Hi All,

This blog has been really neglected by me lately... oh dear! Well today has been a fabtastic day! Four listings three of which sold and not very long after listing..... My button earrings went yesterday! Which was a lovely surprise after I checked out the church which could possibly be the one for my wedding.
But now on to my listings for today....

Now only the Princess Earrings are left so get in quick! If you like my gemstones and want some of your very own..... it may not be the exact but I can see what can do.... currently have some Rhodonite chips and Tiger Eye Heart beads......

Now on to some other lovely listings today from the rest of the A- Teamers.... Please click on the photos to go to their shops. :)

Offerings from:
Hope everyone has a lovely time back at work tomorrow!