Sunday, 31 October 2010


Since I have been up two hours already with no productiveness time to update the blog!

Where has this month gone? Between being ill, work, overtime and college barely had any time to rest and not much time to be around promoting my little shop. Last week was my sixth month anniversary on folksy and items were dropping off quickly..... :(

Still it's not too bad, my custom bat earrings which were in the shop since May and one of my more recent updates- the cute ceramic owl earrings were sold! Paypal is slightly healthier since I've not bought anything in ages..... but I am tempted....

Today for example I have seen Dawn's latest creation... (Please click on the picture to go to her shop).

Friday night I was at Truro... enjoying a lovely ravioli from ASK before dropping in to see the lovely Seth Lakeman at the Hall for Cornwall. Was not disappointed a brilliant show again! This is the 4th time I have seen him in two years! There was no support act and they started on time always a bonus and almost two hours of songs (with a ten minute break for honeycomb clotted cream icecream).

Now what's in store? I'm slowly creating a wholesale list- I may be stocking some wares in penzance....... Have a few things made up already for the November listing club and I'm trying not to be too broody! Being around my nephew tends to have that effect and boy isn't it exhausting trying to keep an eye on a toddler even for half an hour! He liked to sit in the stairs playing with his toys and using the snail to run over a load of crayons....

Now if you like ginger kitties.... or some chunky pearl earrings then watch this space....

Happy Halloween everyone!


  1. Sorry to hear you've been ill, but glad you're back. I love that pocket mirror too, and I'm tempted, but I'm trying so very hard to be good!

    Good luck with the November listing club!

  2. Thanks so much for showing my little mirror - I'm very flattered! Sorry to provide temptation for you and Margaret though!!! Hope November is a better month for you and look forward to seeing your creations......xx