Saturday, 3 July 2010

All dressed out!

Payday only a few days ago and what do I do?? Look for ways to spend it! Two dressy occasions this month and panic attack as I only own one black skirt............ Since both events are completely different one outfit could suit both. Problem couldn't be too formal as it will drive me mad! But I needed to look the part at both. One is the "Star Awards" an awards ceremony for the College I work for and the other a close friend's wedding- thankfully the friend is male so no bridesmaid duties!

After braving the torrent of rain of Thursday afternoon in Hayle to discover the only dresses left were for stick insects I dragged my friend out to shop before 9am on a Saturday morning! TK Maxx, New Look, Monsoon... everywhere possible where I was thrust into dozens of dresses hmm and ahh and eventually came away with two. One a gorgeous leftover in TK perfect for summer and the other from New Look of all places! A lovely black with some gold stud detail.

Late lunch, a stroll in the bead shop then home where more beads has arrived via postie. Having slacked off most of the week due to other duties............ I made this!

My initial thought was that it would go well for next Thursday's Awards ceremony but it is not set in stone my outfit or the shoes.. shawl etc I will wear. You can find it here in my Folksy shop which hopefully will be filling up with more goodies now..... Only one more day to catch up with being a Jester.

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