Friday, 25 June 2010

My First Post....

Yay to those who made it this far....... Having read and been featured on many of the Folksters' blogs I have been inspired to start my own. No matter how crazy and wacky it may read at times......

First off a shout to some of the Folksy Finds I have been complimented on this week.

Frankie's wonderful necklace that went with my staff ID badge so it goes with everything!

Natalie's amazing handknitted bag that goes everwhere with me. So soft and fits all my everyday essentials.

One of my favourite people is Dropscone who does the most delightful things! Unique and quirky and something really perfect for someone close to me!

Anyway........ my most recent listing is a beautiful pearl and acrylic necklace with a stunning leaf focal bead. Snap it up people before it goes! Perfect for summer and drapes just right...... you know you want to....
Final thing.... Three new babies around this week! Eiran, Summer and Joshua. It makes me all gooey and wanting one!
Now enjoy reading, browsing and maybe clicking checkout..............??? Feel free to leave a comment or email me.
Hannah. xxx


  1. Thanks for the feature :D
    I love the necklace you made, it's very pretty. :)

  2. So happy and honoured to have a mention on your very first blog! I'm glad you like your little bag and that it gets plenty of outings, unlike its maker! I really Need to get a social life!

    Love Natalie x

  3. Welcome to blog land!! What a pretty pink necklace