Sunday, 27 March 2011

You know it's bad....

..... when the cat laughs at you! Yes really.......

Meet Chloe "I'm Always Hungry" the bane of my life and quite possibly one of the most annoying cats ever... but I still love her! She is getting quite old now and very slowly her whiskers are turning white... one by one... It's very strange- I've never known that to happen in cats before.

I can't mention Chloe and not little Phoebe monster.. the noisiest cat. Running away from her does not work she will give chase and miaw/hunt you down whereever or until you trip over one of the dog's toys and slam your head against the wall.....

I think both my cats are dangerous! You would think sitting on the bed catching up on some reading something gentle and not accident prone.... cue... the cat! There I was reading the latest J.D Robb and laughing at some of what the character Eve was saying/thinking when Chloe came up and butting me in the back then put her paw out and pushed me!

Of course... in cat land I'm a source of amusement and there she sat watching... laughing.

Today is Chloe day... does anyone else have stories about their cats?

Here are some lovely handmade goodies! As usual please click on the links to go to the shop.

Would someone like to give these ginger kitties a home?

Audrey's Art- Cat Aceo

SP Jewellery- Black Cat Charm Pendanct

Mrs Moo Designs- Super Cat. Also don't forgot to check out Elvis Cat in the shop!

Until next time.... I may even show you some goodies I'm making for my sister's birthday!

Chloe is now wheezing.. sorry snoring behind me... don't forget to check out my latest ACEOs in my Folksy shop!

No brainteaser today (hear some of you sigh in relief) but soon very soon.... *cackles*


  1. Your cats sound great fun really, and I didn't know that elderly cats whiskers turn white, you learn something every day!

    Among your choices I love Eddie the cat, very appropriate!

  2. Lovely kitties.
    Can I enter my Foggypuss into the noisiest cat competition.;) He has to let us know when he comes down the hall by a meow for every step he makes - "meow, meow, meow , meow"! :) until we shout out "Ok Foggy we know you are there"

  3. Ah i love cats so much. Mine died couple of years back and i've never felt able to take the plunge again of having another.
    Super cat is fantastic!!

  4. Aww thanks for the comments :) Sounds like Foggy be a good match for Phoebs!

    Dreamstar- I lost my cat to cancer seven years ago its only really been past couple years I've gotten more involved with my mums cats and now Chloe thinks I'm hers!

  5. We refer to our largest cat as "speedbump" he picks the dead center of the room/hall to nap in, and get indignant when you step over him.

  6. Uhooi,,
    These cats are sweet and it works great,,

  7. Your Chloe looks just like my Dizzy. She's named after Dizzy Rascal. Never name a cat after a rascal!