Wednesday, 16 March 2011

And.... I'm back!

Ok.. things may have been a little quiet or rather a lot on the Squintessential front. No blog since November... no listings since December... and now a rash of listings each different from the other.. New crafts and more to come!

In my absence I haven't completely neglected Folksy really... always had one eye on what's new and see two of my favourite purchases below...

P.s- if you click the links you can see what else is in their shop.....

You may have recognised the sellers? The lovely vintage bird ceramic pot is one of Lilly's Night Garden and the rather gorgeous seal messenger bag courtest of Bags of Swank.

If you've seen my listings this week you may have seen jewellery, cards and aceos! I'm getting married later this year and am in the process of designing my invites so I bought a papercraft magazine chatted to some key people in the field and voila now I am hooked! I also like to think I'm getting better!

What else have I been up to aside from work and college.... mmmm does these give any ideas?

Now some choice listings from my shop and other March Hares...

-Mountain Hare ACEO by Shoogly Beads
-Floral Hair Accessory by Natalie Ofkants
- Rochester Castle ACEO by Maytree Lane

Hope you enjoyed reading!

Now for the teaser of the day.... If there are three apples and you take away two.. how many apples do you have?


  1. Great Seal Bag:) But then I would say that LOL. Thank you for the mention.

    Love what you have done with the new beads, the cat earrings are my favourite.

    Dare I say the obvious - one apple? (bare in mind its late for me, and still not eaten)

    Lynda x

  2. You have the two that you took away!

  3. Really beautiful choices! I really love your ACEOs and Lily's Night Garden ceramic pot with the bird picture. Jen x

  4. You have 2 apples ;oP

    Pompom yarn!!!! How exciting.
    Great choices. Love Natalie's hairclip

  5. Thanks for showing my bird pot - I'm so glad you like it - it was one of my favourites too! Well done on selling your aceo so quickly as well - look forward to seeing what comes next!!

    Dawn x

    PS I would have said one apple but as I now realise that's wrong, I'll decline from answering :)

  6. Thanks for all the lovely comments!

    The answer is... two.