Saturday, 19 November 2011

Wedding Bits, Bunting and new new site!

Wow where has the time gone?

This time (12:20pm) last week my hair and makeup was being done in prep for my wedding at Budock Church for 3pm.

At one point there was a worry I wouldn’t get everything done… from the electric going to my dads car breaking down (ahem running out of fuel!) the night before on the way to the rehearsal. Drama, drama, drama!

It might have involved staying up til 2am on the eve of my wedding doing order of services and up at 7am baking cupcakes but it was worth it. The day was lovely and went by so quickly!

So…… what was the handmade elements of my wedding?

· Invitations

· Order of Services- a double sided page and a mini hymn book

· Bunting- 52m!

· Two cakes- chocolate sponge and a Victoria sponge (made and decorated)

· Dozen cupcakes

· Sourcing and designing table centrepieces (glass fishbowls with nuggets and light)

· Place and table names

· Thank you Presents are a work in progress for a few!

I’m sure I’ve missed some bits out! But HUGE thanks go to my friends Donna and Kate for their help, sister in law Em and my lovely other half Matthew. Without them in the last couple days I would have had a breakdown and the wedding stuff unfinished.

Before I forget as I’ve been ill this week it’s given me a major push to get my website live- feel free to check it out and the giveaway on the blog!

Now some photos…… enjoy….. for those who are interested will show off more when get the official photos!



  1. Interested? cant wait to see the wedding pics.

    Lovely rings, cakes and what we can see of the bunting.

    Lynda xx

  2. Congratulations Hannah, glad everything went so well on the day too! Beautiful ring and handmade goodies!

    Jen x